中井 宗夫  1987年


 私の作品のコンセプトは ”心が拓き、縁を結ぶ” 作品づくりです。










Takao Nakai. Born 1987, Japan Prefecture.


 The concept of my work is to create pieces that "opens the heart, and the door to new relations".

My work of art is created in a way to get closer to the heart of those who will look at it, to be something that is close to a lucky charm.


I am working on the motifs of flowers and angels as well as celestial objects, and the materials I use are wood and shells; I use the warmth we feel through the wood and the light emitted by the shells to explore a method of expression of my own.


 The work I am creating is a work that wants to give shape to prayers, and be closer to people's heart.

My art activities are currently based in the prefecture of Tokyo.